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Eco friendly

Eco-Residence: where luxury and sustainability meet

The philosophy and daily life of La Casa di Alice are eco-sustainable. An ethical choice that stems from its owner’s way of life that has directed the organisation towards a balanced and green lifestyle.

From the moment you arrive, we welcome you with our welcome box, containing delicious organic products for a healthy breakfast or a quick snack.
The products used for cleaning are organic and natural, with the exception of textiles which by law can only be washed with products that are 50% biological in order to guarantee their total sterilisation.
At each change of guests, the apartment is completely sanitised with a professional ozone generator.
The walls of the apartments are decorated with natural paint (which do not use petroleum products). The fabric furnishings are made using organic material created especially for us.

At La Casa di Alice, sustainable everyday life continues with waste sorting and we encourage our guests to do the same: we inform them and we provide the appropriate containers. Furthermore, we are committed to reducing the use of plastic containers, also using refillable dispensers for the hotel amenities intended for our guests.

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