Lobby & Gym


Besides the Reception area is the Lobby, set aside for reading and sharing friendly conversation, a place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea chosen out of a fine selection while catching up on the latest exhibit the city has to offer. The Lobby is a pleasant environment to receive friends and acquaintances in or hold an informal work meeting comfortably sitting on Plum Lignee Roset and B&B couches under the light of lamps by Castellani & Smith. Complimentary wi-fi connection is available.


Under the beautiful red brick vaulted ceiling is a space dedicated to wellness where Unica equipment and accessories by TecnoGym are available to guests in the fitness centre.

  • - Unica, the multifunctional bench from the Home Fitness Forza line, provides more than 25 different exercises
  • - Treadmill
  • - Weights with supports
  • - Big screen TV A

Professional personal trainer is available on request.